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dynamic  (dī năm′ ĭk) adj.
1. Characterized by continuous
    activity and vigor; especially in
    bringing about change; progress.

2. Having a lot of ideas and 
    enthusiasm; energetic.

3. Of or relating to the range of
    volume of musical sound.
Voice Lessons
Vocal  Coaching
Sight Singing & Ear Training
Holiday Quartet:  Dynamic Dickens Carolers
Dynamic Vocal Arts specializes in working with adult non-professional singers, however, dedicated high school students may be accepted into the studio on a case by case basis. Our students find that classical voice training makes them influential members of community choruses, church choirs, chamber ensembles, and musical theater organizations. We have experience in correcting poor vocal habits and addressing issues of the mature voice.
Private Voice  Lessons
Find your voice! Through voice lessons you will develop proper breathing and support, increase vocal resonance, phonation, and dynamic range, improve your tone quality, extend your vocal range, and overcome vocal challenges such as voice brakes and poor intonation. You will learn musical expression, song interpretation, and performance skills. We believe every singer should have solid music reading skills which will be included in your instruction, if needed. Our technique is traditional classical voice, which is the foundation of sound, healthy singing, no matter what genre the student may choose to perform in future. You will find your true, balanced, natural voice, not a forced imitation of another singer. More information for prospective students is on this page.
Vocal  Coaching
For more advanced singers, vocal coaching is used to help you prepare for a role or an upcoming solo performance. We guide you through proper pronunciation, correct musical phrasing and style, traditional cadenzas and ornaments, as well as other interpretive ideas true to the genre and period of the music. Coaching is true performance practice, including stage presence, showmanship, and helping the singer to 'own' the song. Most coaching sessions require a professional accompanist which we can provide for an additional fee. We are always happy to work with you and your own accompanist at our studio or your performance venue.
Audition Preparation
Got an audition coming up? Whether you're auditioning for a community chorus or a role in a musical theater production, we can help you present your best self. We will work with you to select the perfect audition piece, coach you in musicality and stage presentation, advise you on your résumé and even what to wear.
Sight Singing & Ear Training
No matter where you fall on the amateur to professional spectrum, every good singer must be able to pick up a piece of music and sing the notes and rhythms relatively correctly on first sight. Join one of our Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced classes at the studio and learn with other singers at your ability level. Already have a group of singers? We'll come to your location and provide materials. Periodically, we offer classes in the community. Send us an email to get on our mailing list for a schedule of classes.