Dynamic Vocal  Arts

Audition and Assessment
  • Prospective voice students must audition and be given an initial assessment before being accepted into the studio. Contact us to set up a mutually convenient time.

  • Prepare a song that you enjoy and you think sounds good in your voice. Bring the written music with you.

  • In addition to your prepared song, you will be asked to sight read. We will then do some vocalises and tone matching exercises to determine range and present limitations, basic vocal problems, and your natural vocal sound.

  • You will receive an initial assessment of your voice and its potential. We will discuss your goals and what it will take to achieve them.

  • If accepted, a copy of our Policy Statement will be given to you to review, sign, and bring to your first voice lesson.

Nota Bene: Clients interested in Vocal Coaching, Audition Preparation, and Sight Singing & Ear Training do not need to audition. However, please complete the Student Application Form directly above, and bring it to your initial session, so that we might better understand your goals and help you achieve them.
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